We all like to look our best. The desire to enhance our natural beauty is timeless and ageless. And every woman has experienced how sometimes just a touch of the right makeup in the right place can be truly transformative — it can build our self confidence, our feelings about ourselves, and what we project to others.


There is no reason why we need to sacrifice our health in the everyday pleasure of wearing makeup. We wanted to move away from 'conventional'/synthetic makeup - and we knew that we probably were not alone in this desire. This is why we created Primitive Makeup.


Primitive Makeup, Inc. was first created in 2003 when founder Nancy Caigan wanted to wear natural makeup to go with her growing desire to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle — a result of having two little girls at home. While there were healthy food choices, the few natural cosmetics that were available did not perform nearly as well as commercial, synthetic brands. She wanted her brand to be modern and sophisticated, so she invited award-winning graphic designer Susanna Ronner to be her business partner. In addition to Susanna's design eye, she also brought her long time background of healthy and natural living — having been a practitioner of yoga and an instructor for many years.

Together, the two of us set out to create an exceptional, natural line of makeup — one that would be sophisticated in its quality, performance, color, packaging, and presentation. We began with creating lip products — as we kiss our babies, mates, and family, and we all know we 'eat' our lipstick. We wanted to create a lipstick that felt wonderful, with color choices that were beautiful and appealing to all women, and happened to be all natural. As consumers of cosmetics ourselves, we understood that women will not make the switch to natural cosmetics unless the performance, colors, taste and feel are on par with 'traditional' synthetic products.


Over the years we have seen many brands come and go, along with many cosmetic brands claiming to be 'natural' but really are green washed. We appreciate that our customers are saavy about ingredients, product performance, and the importance of clean cosmetics — and that you value Primitive Makeup for all those qualities. Thank you for your loyalty.


And great news — stay tuned as we are actively working on new products to grow our line!


Pure and simple ingredients. Created by women just like you. We are real women — and not just a story!



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design: susanna ronner graphic design

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© Primitive naturals 2018   /

design: susanna ronner graphic design

Free shipping — US  | 845.679.2264